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Reference Catalog A thru C

Reference / Catalog - A

2 Busy Stitching (2b)
A & L Designs (a-ld)
A Kitty Cats Originals (akk)
A. Forrest Arts (afor)
A. Fox Originals (Afox)
Abecedarian, The (abe)
About Friends (abf)
Access Commodities (ac)
Accents Lighthouses (acl)
Ada-Lee, Inc / Adalee Winter (ali)
Adobe Designs (add)
Agage Designs (agd)
Aggie J Origianls (ajo)
Aion Needecrafts (aion)
Ailsa's Cross Stitch (acs)
AK-Designs (akd)
Al Weiss Art Needlework, Inc (alw)
Alabama Neede Arts (ana)
Alaskan Originals (akor)
Alexa Designs (alex)
Alice Patterson (apn)
Alida Industries (adi)
Alley Cat Designs (acd)
Alli-Cat Designs (alc)
Alma Lynne Deisgns (alx)
Alma Mater Mice (amm)
Always Time To Stitch (atts)
Alyce Schroth Sampler Recreations (aly)
Amaryllis Artworks (aar)
Amelia Saint George (amsg)
American School of Needlework (ason)
Amybear Needlepoints (amya)
Amy Bruecken Designs (abrd)
Anchor (anc)
Anjo, Etc. (aj)
Angel Stitchin (ag)
Angel Thyme Designs (atd)
Angel's Whisper Designs (asws)
Ann Killham Designs (akld)
Ann Lee Designs (anld)
Ann Original Cross Stitch, Inc (aocs)
Ann Strite-Kruz (ask)
Ann Taylor Nelson Designs (anx)
Annalee Waite Designs (awd)
Annalee Noel Designs (and)
Anne Brinkley Designs (ab)
Anne Cheek La Rose (aclr)
Anne Powell Heirloom Stitchery (ap)
Annette M Dicken (amd)
Annie & Friends (af)
Anne's Attic (ned)
Annie Designs, Inc / Annie Morgan (annid)
Annie-Graphs (agr)
Ann's Cottage of Needlework (acot)
Another Time Designs (ao)
Another Look, Inc (antl)
Architural Designs by Glenna (adg)
Arco Publishing, Inc (arca)
Art by Abby (abay)
Artcraft Concepts (arcp)
Art Naturally (an)
Artoria Designs (arto)
Artic Winds (aw)
Artisan Designs, Inc (arn)
Art-Stitch (art)
Artistic Needle (artn)
Artistry Stitchworks (ats)
Artists Collection, The (artcl)
Arts & Graphs (arg)
Art Ventures (av)
Artwork by Alexandra (ala)
Ashley Court Designs (acds)
Ashton Crossing Originals (acr)
ASN Publishing (asnp)
Aspen Needleworks (aspnw)
A Stitch & Prayer (asap)
Astor Place (asp)

At The Hop / Loretta Sigmon (ath)

Avon (avn)
Awesome Pattern Studio (aws)

Reference / Catalog - B

B.M Designs (bmd)
BMP Associated (bmp)
Back Street Designs (bcs)
Balliol Corp (blc)
Banbury Cross, Inc (bnc)
Banar Designs (bd)
Barbara Ana Designs (band)
Barbara Hemmet (bhmm)
Barbara Noel (bab)
Barbara Popkin Designs (bpd)
Barbara Sue Designs Collection (bsdc)
Barbara Weiford (bbw)
Barkraft Samplers (bks)
Barrett House (bh)
Barrick Samplers (brs)
Beautiful Bargello Ltd (bbit)
Beautiful Threads Needlework Designs (btnd)
Bedelia, Inc (bed)
Bear Folk (brf)
Bear Thread Designs (btd)
Bee Gee Designs (beg)
Bent Creek (bck)
Bernat Yarn & Craft Corp (brnt)
Berry Patch, The (bp)
Bette Ashley Designs (bad)
Better Homes & Gardens (bhag)
Bird Cross Stitch Designs (brcs)
Birdhouse Enterprises (bhe)
Birds of a Feather (boaf)
Bit of Wisdom (bow)
Bittersweet House (bsh)
BJ Designs (bj)
BJB Graph's (bjb)
BJ's Delightful Designs / Betty Jane Laljer (bjd)
Blackbird Designs (blkd)
Black Swan Designs (bsc)
Bluebell Cottage (bbc)
Blue Ribbon Designs (brds)
Blue Whale Designs (bwd)
Bobbie Business Ltd (bbl)
Bobbie G Designs (bgd)
Bobbie's (bobs)
Bobcat Lane Designs (bbld)
Bonnie's Country Stitches / Bonnie Musselwhite (bmcs)
Bothy Threads / Kate Golby - UK (bthy)
Boyd Designs (bod)
Boye Needle Co (byn)
Brader Company (bc)
Brenda Franklin Designs (bfd)
Brenda Kocher Designs (bk)
Bridgeworks (bw)
Brightneedle Charted Designs (bcd)
BritStitch (brst)
Brittany Inspirations (bi)
Brittercup Designs (brtd)
Brobeck Collection (bcl)
Broderies De Bonnot (bdb)
Brooks's Book Publishing (brbp)
Brothers Sister Designs (bn)
Brown Dog Stitches (bds)
Brown House Studio Needlework (bhsn)
Bruna Jones Designs (brna)
Brynwood Needleworks (bn)
Bucilla (buc)
Bullish On Crafts Magazine (bul)
BumbleBee Enterprises (bbe)
Bunny Manor (bm)
Bunny Publications (bpb)
Bunny Tales Cross Stitch (btcs)
Burda - West Garmany (brd)
Burdett Publications, Inc (bdp)
Busy Hands Needlework Designs, Inc (bhnd)
Busy Needle, The (bsy)
Butternut Road (bnr)
By The Bay Needleart (btbn)

Reference / Catalog - C

C'est Jolie Designs LCC (ct)
C Stitch (c-s)
C & L Crafts & Co (c-l)
Cabin Creek Needlecrafts (cbn)
Cadle-Creek Cross Stitch / Barbara Noel (ccc)
Calico Cache (calc)
Calico Crossroads (ccr)
Calico Station (cas)
Calling All Stitchers, Inc (cals)
Camelot Designs (cd)
Cameo Roze's Stitcher's Studio (crss)
Camus International, Ltd (cmus)
Candamar Designs, Inc (cnd)
Canterbury Designs (ctd)
Canvas Creations, Inc (cnc)
Cape Fear Cross-Stitch (cpfr)
Cara Lee Designs (cld)
Caro Creations, Inc (cro)
Carol Emmer Designs (ced)
Carolin Lowy Customized Designs & Graphs (clcd)
Carolina Country House, Inc (cchi)
Carolina Cross-Stitch, Inc (ccs)
Carolyn A. Topp (ctop)
Carolyn E. Barker (cebk)
Carolyn Emery Cross Stitch (cec)
Carolyn Manning Designs (cmd)
Carolyn S. Pusser & Co (cspc)
Caron Collection Ltd (ccl)
Carousel Crafts Co (car)
Carriage House Samplings (crhs)
Cassell Book - UK (cssb)
Carrot Bunch, The (cb)
Carte Blanche Greetings LTD (cbgl)
Carter Echols Ltd (cel)
C A's Eclectic Collection (casec)
Castle Cross Stitch (cstcs)
Cathy Needlecraft, Inc (canc)
Catnip Alley (cnip)
Cat's Cradle Needleworks (cats)
Cat's Custom Keepsakes (cck)
CatsPaw Designs (cpwd)
Cedar Hills Designs (chd)
Celebrations to Cross Stitch Magazine - USA (clb)
Celebrations Magazine - UK (clbk)
Celeste Teal Creations (ctc)
Champagn Collections (chmp)
Chapella Designers Ltd (chp)
Charland Designs (cldi)
Charlette's Collectibles (ccll)
Charline G. Huwe (cgh)
Charles Craft, Inc (ccci)
Charles Joyner (chjy)
Charles Scribner's Sons - UK (csss)
Charmin (chmn)
Charlotte's Web Needlework (chwn)
Charted Designers of America (cdaa)
Charted Way, The (cw)
Charter Publishing Co (cp)
Chartmakers (cmk)
Charts For Arts-Sake (chrt)
Chatelaine Designs (cht)
Cherished Stitches (chrss)
Cherokee County Designs (ctyd)
Cherrytree Designs,m Inc (chtd)
Cheryl Schaeffer (csf)
Cheryl's Web (cyw)
Chessie & Me (c-m)
Chien Du Bois Farms (cdbf)
Chimney Socks (csok)
Chocolate Cat, The (choc)
Chris Middleton Deisgns (crrm)
Christmas of Olde (co)
Christmas Year Round Needlework Magazine - USA (chsx)
Cinnamon Heart Needleworks / Christine Rogalski (chn)
City Stitcher, Inc (csi)
CJ Designs (cjds)
Claire Matten Designs, Inc (chdi)
Claire Murray Kits (cmkt)
Clapper Cummunications (clm)
Clare's Celtic Cornacopia (clr)
Classic Cross Stitch Magazine - USA (ccsm)
Classic Stitch, The (css)
Classic Stitches Magazine - UK (clst)
Clear Star Designs (clsrd)
Clever Creations Designs (ccds)
Clover Hill Needleworks (chnw)
Cluttered Mind Designs (cllt)
CM Designs (cmd)
Coats & Clark (cc)
Collins & Brown - Great Britian (cobr)
Color Charts (coci)
Columbia / Minerva - UK (cmcr)
Columbine Deisgns (cold)
Commuter Creations (cmc)
Concord House Samplers (chs)
Cordell Designs ( cdd)
Condor Publications Co (cdp)
Corene's Sketch "N" Stitch It, Inc (csns)
Cornell Collection (con)
Cornerhouse Designs (crhd)
Corner Stitch & Frame/The Yarn Corner (yc)
Cornerstone Designs (cos)
Cottage Fever (ctf)
Cottage Lane (ctld)
Cottage Needlecrafts (ctnc)
Cotton Boll Creations (cbc)
Cotton Crossing (ctrc)
Cotton Moody Designs (ctmd)
Cottonwood Studio (ctw)
Couchman Creations - Austraila (cmnc)
Count & Cross Originals (caco)
Counted Blessings (ctbs)
Counted Illuminations (ctl)
Counted Cross Stitch Magazine - USA (wnd)
Counted Cross Stitch Plus Magazine - USA (wnd)
Counted Thread Magazine - USA (cot)
Count On Country Stitches (cocst)
Country and Colonial Stitches (cacs)
Country Basket Designs (ctrbd)
Country Bee, The (cob)
Country Cottage Needleworks (ccnow)
Country Cachet (cty)
Country Count (ccrt)
Country Crafts Designs (cycd)
Country Craft - UK (ccau)
Country Cross-Stitch, Inc / Joyce Bailey (cst)
Country Cross Stitch Magazine - USA (hrp)
Country is... (cls)
Country Mouse, The (cm)
Country Goose Collection (cgoc)
Country Sisters (ctrs)
Country Stitching (cstg)
Country Stitch Magazine / The Country Stitch Monthly (cru)
Country Yarn (cys)
Covenant Counted Cross Stitch / Mrs. C. B. Davis (cov)
Covered Crossings Stitchery (cvcs)
Coyote Crossing (cyc)
Craft Collection Ltd - Canada (cclt)
Craft Country Christmas Magazine USA (cccm)
Crafter's Pride (crp)
Craftmen's Studio (cmst)
Craft Originals (Carabel / Gale) (cror)
CraftSoft Pubications - Canada (crsfp)
Craftways, Inc (cwi)
Crafty Fox Ltd, The (cyf)
Crazy for Cross Stitch! Magazine - USA (ned)
Creations by Christine (cbch)
Creative Circle, The (crc)
Creative Concepts Unlimited, Inc (ccun)
Creative Crafts Publications, Ltd (crcp)
Creative Designers (ctds)
Creative Expressions (ce)
Creative Keepsakes (ctks)
Creative Moments (crm)
Creative Needle Magazine - USA (cnm)
Creative Needle Publications (cnps)
Creative NeedleArts, Inc (Donna Gallagher) (cn)
Creative Poppy - France (cpp)
Creative Reflections (nwwd)
Creations de Cecile Wessiere - France (ccv)
Creative Stitchery (crv)
Cricket Designs (ckd)
Critter Pattern Works, The (cpw)
Cross Country Stitching Magazine - USA (ccts)
Cross Creek (crk)
Cross-Eyed Cricket, Inc (ceci)
Crossed Finger Designs (cfd)
Crossed Wing Collection (cwc)
Cross My Heart, Inc (cmh)
Cross 'N Patch (cnp)
Cross Quick Magazine - USA (cq)
Cross Stitch by Ann Evans (csae)
Cross Stitch by Caryn (cscr)
Cross Stitch by Viki (csw)
Cross Stitch Collection Magazine - UK (cscl)
Cross-Stitch Counter, Inc (csct)
Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine - UK (crz)
Cross Stitch Creations (cscr)
Cross Stitch Cupboard, Inc (cscp)
Cross Stitcher Magazine - UK (csr)
Cross Stitcher Magazine, The - MS in USA (csmt)
Cross Stitcher Magazine - TX in USA (csm)
Cross Stitcher Magazine - USA (crs)
Cross Stitch Gallery Magazine - UK (csgl)
Cross Stitch Gold Magazine - UK (csg)
Cross Stitch Graph-It (csgt)
Cross-Stitch Made Easy (csme)
Cross Stitch Magazine - UK (crsu)
Cross-Stitch Originals (csor)
Cross-Stitch Out of the Ordinary (csot)
Cross Stitch Quick & Easy Magazine - USA (cqe)
Cross Stitch Sampler Magazine - USA (csas)
Cross Stitch Wonders (cstw)
Cross The Lilliebridge (ctlb)
Cross Wise Designs (crwi)
CRS Enterprises (crse)
Crown Publishers, Inc - Canada (crw)
Cuadros Magazine - Spain (cua)
Cumbrian Crafts - Canada (cumc)
Current, Inc (cur)
Curtis Boehringer Cross-Stitch (crbc)
Custom Designs by Kathy (cdbk)
Custom by Charles Joyner (cy)
Cutter Ridge Design Group (cutrd)